Today I show you two very quick and easy healthy vegetable based recipes from my book The Secrets To Ultimate Weight Loss. You will find the Chili Fries on page 125 and the One Minute Salsa on page 228. If you are interested in acquiring the cool tool I used to make the salsa you can contact Kurt Koehler (AKA Aunt Cassie) on Facebook and tell him/her chef Aj sent you. 🙂

It’s really fund if you have a crinkle cutter to make the fries if you buy a whole jicama and cut it yourself. I’m lazy so I buy it ore0cut which is a bit more costly.

Thank you for watching. If you would like to receive me e-0mails and have some recipes sent to you please sing up at www.EatUnprocessed.com.

You can have BOTH the health and the body that you so richly deserve!

Love & Kale,
Chef AJ

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