Navratri Fasting Weight Loss Diet Plan | Quick Recipes for Busy People

Can we ‘BE’ anymore happier?!

What an exciting time lies ahead of us. 9 nights, 10 days full of energy, friends, garba and dandia. Wouldn’t it be great if during this time we also lose some weight and gain some health?

Why do we look forward to Navratri? Because it recharges us. It recharges our mind, our bodies and our soul. But what is that one thing that all 3 of these depend on?


So it’s extremely crucial that during Navratri we take complete control of the food we eat.

I understand cooking everyday is difficult. And cooking Navratri special dishes is even more difficult. But that’s what I am here for.

Today’s Agenda:

1. So in today’s video, we are going to list down the food items that we can eat and that we cannot eat during Navratri.
2. I’ll give you a Navratri special diet plan that is practical, easy to follow, full of nutrients but most importantly, it will help you lose weight.
3. And at the end, I’ll give you a bonus tip, that’ll make sure that you lose weight, not just during Navratri, but also after it.


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