Man Forgave Guilt-Tripping Mother: Now Voice Is Deeper, Losing Weight!

Edited by Joel Friday | Thomas of TX talks about going and forgiving his mother, then losing weight, and his voice got deeper! He didn’t really know what to say, but knew he resented her. Once he got to talking, stuff started coming out! He says he always loved her, but now it’s without the resentment. Jesse tells him he loves her now, but he didn’t love her before. His mother admitted she saw she did wrong — he was raising everyone else’s kids — sounds like his sister(s) had kids out-of-wedlock — because of his mother’s occasional guilt trips, so he never married! He’s 43-years-old. His father is passed. He says his father had extreme PTSD after the war, and was alcoholic.

Thomas asks if we have videos on how to forgive someone who’s passed already. Jesse’s explained it many times on video (we have one recent one from Martin of Amsterdam, Holland, on how to forgive dead parents from a murder-suicide).


Edited by Joel Friday Dominick. Check his channel The Gifted of Dance

Originally aired Thur., Aug 30, Hour 3, segments 2-3

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